Seasonal Checklists

It is important to maintain accurate records and check on various parts of your building throughout the seasons in addition to an annual inspection.

The following checklists can help you maintain proper records of seasonal inspecions and help prevent serious damage resulting from neglect

  • Check gutters and Downspouts for leaves and debris, damage, and proper drainage
  • Check siding for weathering and paint / mortar failure
  • Examin exterior surfaces for caulking deterrioration
  • Check for damage around window sills, door sills, and thresholds
  • Check foundation walls, floors, concrete, and masontry for cracking, heaving, or deterioration
  • Inspect and clean roof surface flashing, eaves, and soffits
  • Inspect stairs and railings for loose members and deterioration
  • Cut back and trim all vegatation and overgrown bushes from structures
  • Service HVAC systems and as early in the season as possible
  • Check plumbing and irrigation systems for leaks and stainding water
  • Inspect roof for wind, hail, and water damage
  • Check outdoor lighting and adjust any timerser to accomodate for longer daylight ours
  • Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts
  • Prep for rodents and insects and bugs
  • Inspect HVAC system
  • Winterize any exposed plumbing
  • Clear brush and dead branches
  • Prep for snow by updating contracts or collecting bids for snow removal services
  • Check basements and foundations for cracks or gaps in walls and windows
  • Inspect flooring for damages and apply winterization coating to protect from excess salt and moisture
  • Check exposed and exterior pipes for signs of freezing
  • Insulate and seal cracks and openings
  • Check for signs of excessive moisture to prevent mold
  • Check for cracks and inefficencies in heating systems, calibrate thermostats, and empty condesnation drain traps
  • Maintain plans and monitor snow piles, buildup on rooftops, and icing hazards
  • Inspect backup generators and emergency lighting
  • Inspect safety signage and replace any damages
  • Update landscaping contracts prior to the beginning of spring

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